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1.Education: Bachelor and above;


2.Experience: 2+ years of IT industry product planning or marketing working experience;


3.Industry knowledge: Must be familiar with the technical features, composation and development trends of relevant products;


4.Professional knowledge: Understanding of the product planning and new product development process and methods, mastery of basic concepts of marketing and methods; Understanding of market research methods; Mastery of basic knowledge of product operation, e.g., features of 4 stages in the product life cycles, understanding of product operational process, methods and co-ordination process with other departments.


5.Capabilities: Capabilities to master and learn breakthrough technologies and trends in the IT area; Good project management capabilities, strong team-working co-ordination sense, co-ordination and communication capabilities and insights about the markets; Rich marketing professional knowledge; Strong ambitions and sense of customer-service.


6.Language: Very good command of English, is able to listen, speak, read and write in English.



1.Advise new product/regional product

2.Provide product training for sales and channels

3.Advise product service policy for regional

4.Design/Formulate product brochure for regional.